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Tony Ruggiero


Antonio Ruggiero is COO and Managing Partner of Pricing Cloud.

Antonio has been involved with the design and implementation of pricing optimization software for more than 10 years. He has developed advanced pricing strategies for numerous businesses and, in the process, redesigned critical pricing and business workflows in a diverse collection of industries: airline passenger, airline cargo, financial services, retail, advertising, and telecommunications. Antonio’s focus has been providing Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Business Optimizations to solve business challenges with particular emphasis on enterprise software solutions.

Antonio has performed different roles during this time period such as Senior Scientist, Technical Sales Consultant, and Implementation Consultant. He has led and/or participated in cross-functional teams to address strategic, tactical and operational pricing issues by applying mathematical modeling and quantitative analysis to company pricing policies, inventory control and planning, forecasting, risk management, and cash flow and profitability. As a result of his early career experience in mathematical finance, he has developed deep functional expertise in the valuation of securities and derivatives, and risk-reward portfolio optimization.

Antonio has published articles on pricing and revenue management, is a frequent speaker at conferences, and has patents pending on using competitive information in pricing solutions. He holds a M.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Toronto, and a M.Sc. in Physics from Guelph-Waterloo Physics Program, University of Guelph.

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