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Jered Haedt


Jered W. Haedt is Chief Science Officer, and a Managing Partner of Pricing Cloud.

He has diversified experience in analytics and strategy; specializing in econometrics and strategic business intelligence platforms. His experience provides significant and comprehensive utilization of complex application of theory in data-sparse environments and adaptive modeling.

His ability to adapt academically rich econometric and general modeling theory for practical application in the business world has borne fruit for many organizations. As an example, while working with a major industrial equipment manufacture he was charged with the creation, development and deployment of a global monitoring database, building the basis for predictive failure analyses and the impacts on pricing. His efforts provided the ability to substantially better predict potential failures, discover the mean time to failure, and the subsequent impact of failures as a cost basis.  Finally, this culminated full cycle to re-price equipment based on the value expansion.

In another example, he was charged with building new modeling techniques for a leading, global medical supply conglomerate in regard to pricing practices. Within this role he built several specialized models ranging from market basket analysis for the development of ‘Next Best Product’ to building complex models to assist in identifying appropriate opportunities for expanding market share in the UK and Europe business units, as well as leading a groundwork analytics team to stem year over year margin erosion in multiple enterprises.

To create these models, Jered used a wide variety of methods such as: Bayesian, regression, factor, market basket, text link applications, neural networks, CHAID, ARIMA, Kohoen, and K-Means.

Finally, he has published articles on pricing and revenue management, marketing science, econometrics is a frequent speaker at conferences, and is the developer behind many of our tools and the value-based software platform. He holds a M.Sc. in Econometrics from the University of Chicago, a B.A. in Quantitative Economics and a B.Sc. in Finance from the University of Wisconsin.

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