Pricing Cloud // Organizational Scope

At Pricing Cloud, we do not just view pricing as a set of strategies, yearly events, or even advanced algorithms, rather we believe pricing to be a discipline that needs to be woven into the DNA of an organization. Brilliant strategies and even tactical solutions that no one truly understands have little lasting impact and often become diluted or cast aside shortly after the formal engagement ends. In order to create a long term successful paradigm shift in pricing, which carries long term accretive impact to top and bottom lines, you need to embrace change at all layers of the organization. At the core of success, people need to adopt behavioral change individually and recognize that learning and change are constant and necessary for positive evolution to occur.

Our mission is to develop a close working relationship with you and your organization to ensure that during the course of any engagement, all voices that need to be heard are involved in the process, and that a democratic process drives project direction. Through this interaction, outcomes and results become galvanized in team based approvals, while fully leveraging internal “tribal knowledge” and Pricing Cloud expertise. This approach, based on our broad experience in organizational change management has consistently proven to be critical to the long-term success of a “pricing culture” with our clients.