Pricing Cloud // Actionable Results

Far too often consulting firms offer heavy amounts of “flash and sizzle” when it comes to general strategy or tactics, but little when it comes to long term organizational improvements.  At Pricing Cloud, one of our core missions in every engagement is to provide a “transfer of knowledge” along with our solutions, tools, and services.  This mission administers a platform for “hands-on” training, and learning, along the pathway to pricing excellence.  

Rather than “talking at you”, we work with you to truly assess the pricing needs of the organization while also managing the expectations of the people setting, using and influencing prices.  This dual approach yields a paradigm shift in how you create, deploy and manage customer perceptions, not for just a one-time change in prices, but in perpetuity.  Furthermore, this knowledge transfer, and natural enhanced understanding of the pricing discipline, assists you in managing customer negotiations, and maximizes the long term applicability of your customized solutions.”